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April 2013
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Ryeth [userpic]
Checking in

As you can tell, the daily focus of my goals has slipped... well, at least the posting portion. I'm still pretty happy though.

Of my goal to eat vegetarian, I've only eaten meat twice. Once was salmon (I'm ok with fish) and once was pasture raised local beef (a hamburger.) Considering that I started that multiple weeks ago, I'm pretty pleased.

Of my second goal to jog every day, I had a streak 8 days long... then i got a horrible neck spasm. I still feel it, but it's not as intense. That lost me 2 days. Today I jogged again, regardless of my ouchie neck :) Streak restarted (my goal is for 90 days straight of at least 1/2 mile of jogging.)

I've made it to yoga a few times, but not as much as I would like. And over all diet hasn't been great. I haven't lost any weight really, but I think (hopefully not wishful thinking) that my proportions are shifting. A little less belly waggle, a little more muscle.