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April 2013
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Ryeth [userpic]
For yesterday

Jogging 1 (Went 1.3 miles, about 7/10 a mile jogging and took my dog. She did great!)
Diet 1 (technically... I did eat veg. But I didn't eat well... way too many calories)
Something new/good 1 (went to a new yoga class - kicked my butt!)
Something good for myself or someone else 1 (lent hugs and an ear for a friend going through a tough time with his sick spouse)


commentary: I've mostly kept up with the food journalling (although it derailed last night when I got so busy with work - I guess I could write up what I had this morning.) I've not done that great with food choices, beyond only being vegetarian. For example, last night I had a naked burrito (veg) at qudoba, when you add in cheese, guac & sour cream... woah lots of calories. And I succumbed to a brownie urge :(

I've been reading articles about loosing weight while jogging and depressingly they all say to diet with the jogging. I figured if I'm managing to jog for most days of the week (even if some are short like the last couple) I should be making some serious headway! Well, all the exercise is good for me, sure. I'm building some more muscle and cardio health... but the scale hasn't budged. I'm all chunky and afraid people won't believe me when I tell them I'm training for a 1/2 marathon in May. *sigh*

Getting older is annoying. Damn you metabolism.