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Ryeth [userpic]

How about we post some of our own motivators? What works? A mantra? An image? Here's one I've been trying to keep in mind:

fewerinches [userpic]

This is just a general guideline. You will not be kicked out if you follow your own plan. The basic idea is to keep track of your daily fitness routine by posting it in this community. As long as you do that, you are in community guidelines always.

Posting Guidelines
It's very close to 28 day plan only this is a 12 week fitness challenge (Why 12 weeks?) which is more focused on fitness than weight loss.

Everyday you should post with an update on the following: exercise, food, water, post, fit challenge, & mention what day you're on. Beside each of those (except day), mark if you think you did poor, fair, or very well (0, 1, or 2). It should look something like this:

Day 10.
Exercise: 2 - Jogged for an hour outside.
Food: 1 - Ate well all day except my friend's birthday cake.
Water: 2 - 8 full glasses!
Post: 2 - I'm posting. This is all or nothing.
Fit Challenge: 2 - Challenged myself to jog further than ever before! This is all or nothing.

The Fit Challenge is the challenge to find &/or do something new each day that makes you a fitter person. Say you're bad about eating cheese on everything but you didn't eat it today - that's a fit challenge success. Or say that you found out that jumping on the trampoline can be lots of fun - that's a fit challenge success. Make yourself a little better each day at a time.

Basic Guidelines
There's no secret pill or anything to losing weight or becoming a fitter person other than to just DO IT. It's pretty simple & easy but people like to complicate it.

fewerinches [userpic]

Just like ryeth said in her last post, this community has really slipped off the map! I know I've been incredibly busy with rehearsals every night but that's really no excuse. I just wanted to post a little motivator:

I know I'm guilty of this!

Ryeth [userpic]

So our posts have dropped off, most likely to the fade of new years resolutions and busy schedules. I know I've slacked off horribly. So I thought I'd do a post about what I *have* done lately, rather than dwelling on all the things I've not done.

I have been eating more vegetarian... more than just Mondays, most of my meals. I have the occasional meat, but nothing like my old ways of eating.

I've made it to yoga 2 more times and have plans to go again on Sunday.

I've been researching locally sourced restaurants because I'm really a fan of supporting local farmers, not to mention it tastes better and if you have meat, the animals are usually cared for much better at a small farm. I found myself this morning evaluating a groupon deal for a restaurant and deciding not to get it, because they have nothing listed as local ingredients on their menu.

*edited to add: And thanks to the encouragement of writing this post, I got my butt off the couch and ran a little over a mile on the treadmill. Not much, but it's something!

So what about you guys? What have you done lately?

fewerinches [userpic]

I think taking a step back has really helped me figure out what I need to work on, what I need to focus on making better. So I'll be back tomorrow. A whole new day! A whole new list of things to make better. Even though I suppose technically I never left.

Here's what I'm going to be focusing on:
- Exercise 6 out of 7 days of the week.
- Eat vegetables before every meal.
- Drink 4 full sized glasses of water.
- Take medicine EVERYDAY.

Brandi [userpic]

food 2/2 round 1400 cals. Would like only 1000 but under 1500 is a pass.
water 2/2
exercise/2/2 Jog with the hounds.
Post 2/2
challenge 2/2 I am trying out swedish bitters to help aid these health problems, bought my first bottle today :)

Alright, I bought some bikinis. I mean buissness! I feel better so, I'll be going strong.

Good luck to everyone and their goals <3

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Ryeth [userpic]

So I have failed on both tracking calories and exercise, thanks to an insane week. This is my first week back to school for the spring semester, my whole work week changed & my girlfriend got a new job which completely shifts her schedule. But rather than focus on what I haven't done, let's see what I did manage...

Despite not counting calories, there was only one day that I really felt like I did *bad* on eating. It was a result of being stuck at school and starving. Otherwise I've done pretty decent with it. This is a good thing, usually if I'm off I'm really off! Also, I've maintained a mostly vegetarian diet, with only meat once a day or every other day.

Even though I haven't been able to exercise (jog in particular) I've done lots of extra walking, including with hills. And I have a major guilt complex about not exercising, so I'll be getting back on that soon (rather than in the past it just falls out of my mind and I lose the habit.)

So, still here, still working on it... just less organized and successful for this crazy week.

Brandi [userpic]

Day 5
food 0/2 BINGE
water 2/2
exercise 0/2
post 0/2
challenge 0/2

Day 6
food 2/2 toastegg 300cals/bagle 450cals/chicken salad 350 cals banana 90cals 1190 cals
water 2/2
exercise 1/2
challenge 2/2

day 6, zero pounds lost. due to being sick, as soon as this is gone my ass will be fit in the gym!

-I bought myself some brand new nike runners today. They are really rediculously nice. I am excited to get back to working out, then my over all health will fall back into place.

Current Mood: crappycrappy
Ryeth [userpic]

Hello fellow Fits (LOL)

So I disappeared for a couple days, including I stopped calorie tracking. It was a couple crazy days. I've not been feeling well, fighting something off I think. Also, I was at a pool tournament for about 12 hours on Sunday, making it impossible to eat decent.

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and say hey. I'm back to tracking and exercising tomorrow - and I'll be back to posting as well.

Happy fitcommitting!

fewerinches [userpic]

Oh man. I haven't died off just yet. I've been so sadly busy. My days off seem more hectic than my days of working. But! My pants are fitting a tiny bit better.

Anyway, I'm just checking in. I'm still doing well. Still trying to be fitter. I'm struggling with updating when I get home at 11pm though. The urge to just come home after work & fall asleep is more prominent than the urge to update a community, sadly. But hopefully that will sway once more time passes. And maybe exercising will help too!

Stay positive! <3

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